Other activities

Other activities

Stroll among the colorful stalls of Provencal markets, visit a zoo or a museum ...

Your stay in Drôme Provençale, in the vicinity of Dieulefit, is also ...

photo Studio MIR-LaDromeTourisme
Provencal markets with colorful stalls

Dieulefit, Bourdeaux, La Bégude-de-Mazenc, Nyons, Saillans

The ceramic house in Dieulefit,

The palace of sweets and nougat in Montélimar,

The European Fighter Aviation Museum in Montélimar

photo l.pascale-LaDromeTourisme
photo l.pascale-LaDromeTourisme
photo jb.fabry-LaDromeTourisme

Upie zoo (37 km from St Maurice bed and breakfast)


and many other activities to discover on the tourist office sites at the bottom of the page …

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