Come and visit the castles and feudal buildings of Drôme Provençale

At the St Maurice guest rooms in Truinas near Dieulefit in Drôme provençale, you will discover a region rich in tourist activities. Discover its castles ….
Grignan castle © photo l.Pascale-LaDromeTourisme

Grignan castle

In the heart of the Provençal Drôme, overlooking plains and mountains, the Château de Grignan is built on a rocky promontory overlooking the village. A fortified castle mentioned in the 11th century, it was transformed during the Renaissance into a prestigious pleasure residence by the Adhémar family. In the 17th century, the Marquise de Sévigné stayed there with her daughter Françoise-Marguerite. 35 km north west of St Maurice

Adhémar's castle in Montélimar

Located on the heights of the town of Montélimar, the castle is a remarkable example of southern Romanesque architecture. This 12th century medieval palace is made up of a fortified wall, a stately home with beautiful semicircular openings, a keep and a Romanesque chapel. 35 km north west of St Maurice

Adhémar's castle © photo l.Pascale-LaDromeTourisme
Château de Suze-la-Rousse surplombant les vignes et lavandes
Suze-la-Rousse castle © photo l.Pascale-LaDromeTourisme

Suze-la-Rousse castle

Built on a rocky promontory, the medieval fortress of Suze-la-Rousse is a spectacular military structure protected by towers and a rampart. It was transformed in the 16th and then in the 18th century into a large residence. 52 km north west of St Maurice

Crest tower

The highest keep in France, 52 meters high, the Tour de Crest is one of the guardians of the Drôme Prealps. Its construction begins in the 12th century. It was originally the major component of a vast fortress that dominates the town of Crest. 23 km north of St Maurice

Crest tower © photo l.Pascale-LaDromeTourisme

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